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Ask your data anything, in plain English. Instantly set up your analytics.
Connect, search, and analyze your data in five minutes –– no SQL required.

Now Everyone can answer data questions

Rogo empowers your team to uncover data insights – no SQL or training required. With plain English search, beautiful visualizations, shareable dashboards, and AI-report generation, Rogo gives your team the tools they need to focus on generating insight, driving decisions, and moving things forward.


⚡ Lightning Fast Search

Don’t wait minutes to hit OpenAI’s API. Rogo gets suggestions and answers instantly, letting you iterate faster.


👾 AI-Assisted Analyses

Rogo’s report generation and suggested insights help you get started even if you don’t have a fully formed question.


💬 Text-to- a form that works for you

Text-to-SQL, Text-to-Pandas, or text directly to chart…. Rogo lets you get your output in a form that works for you. Users specify results in a format they can actually understand

And so much more..

Everything you need to analyze data

Get up and running in five minutes. Seriously.
We've got everything you need to explore and learn from data.

Instant Onboarding

No training required. Goodbye to complicated GUIs and long tutorials. Start searching instantly.

True Self-Service

Work with data as easily as using Google search. No SQL required to analyze your data.

Beautiful Charts

Rogo automatically creates the right visualizations for your data, helping get you to insights faster.

Effortless Sharing

Share data and insights, securely and in real-time. Teams that search together, stick together.

Accuracy guranteed

Always accurate, auditable, and editable, unlike simple ChatGPT wrappers. No inscrutable SQL.

Secure by Design

Data is stored using industry standard encryption, and we don't store your searches. Don't compromise on privacy.

Connect your data in seconds

Rogo sits directly on top of your data, integrating with every database or tool your team uses.
Connect your data and get started searching in seconds instead of weeks.

ChatGPT meets Security, Safety & Control

Rogo delivers the flexibility of cutting-edge AI with the control, trustworthiness, and accuracy of enterprise solutions.


Text-To-SQL Chatbots

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Get up and running in 5 minutes

Don’t waste time with complicated onboarding or learning curves.
Experience the magic of search.

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Ask your data anything.

Don’t waste time with complicated onboarding or learning curves. Experience the magic of search.