Small team, big plans

We’re working to fundamentally change the interface for working with data,
reinventing what it means to access, explore, and analyze information. Data is power
and we believe everyone should be self-empowered.

New York city
Who we are

We care deeply about democratizing the power of data. We are self-directed and self-motivated but work collaboratively as much as possible. We love team members who have strong convictions and bold ideas and are always willing to argue for what they believe in, so long as they’re equally as open-minded and willing to learn from others.

Our team

Gabriel Stengel

Founder & CEO

John Willett

Founder & COO

Alex Rimthong

Engineering Manager

Michel Carroll

Solutions Architect

Ksenia Nadkina

Software Engineer

Brock Jenken

Software Engineer

Joseph McCombs

Software Engineer

Amit Roopnarine

Product Designer

Nik Stakheiko

Software Engineer

Tumas Rackaitis

Software Engineer

Ritik Jain


Dr. Abu Saparov

NLP Advisor
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Open Roles

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2023© Rogo Technologies, All Rights Reserved.