What's new in AskRogo

May 25th, 2023 – Fixes

• The date was hardcoded in finance questions, so it was only returning through 4/24/2023
• Star history graphs were displaying incorrectly due to fuzzy matching for repo names
• Cached loading text to improve latency
• Fixed Text-to-IR results to make them more reliable and accurate

Updated at 10:42AM May 25th, 2023 EST

May 23nd, 2023 – ChatGPT Plugin!

ChatGPT plugin pending! Right now it's just for GitHub data.

Updated at 11:23AM May 23nd, 2023 EST

May 22nd, 2023 – Finance data and parsing improvements!

Finance data is in Rogo! Click on the dataset in the top left, and switch to finance.

• Currently, Rogo has access to public equities data such as share price, market cap, and fundamental financials.
• Here's a good example: "cloud multiples from 2016 to now":

• Updated parsing to allow Join operations

Updated at 11:58PM May 22nd, 2023 EST

May 18th, 2023Custom parser selection

• Ability to specify which parsers you would like used
• Simple click Change Search Mode in the top right and then select parsers

• By default, all users have access to Text-to-SQL, Text-to-Intermediate Representation, Multiple results, Query embeddings, and templates. Play around with each to see which results you prefer!

Updated at 3:58PM May 18th, 2023 EST

May 17th, 2023 – Small UX improvements and bug fixes

• Removed email capture
• Added parser icons for visual representation of parser
• Added a close button for results for improved user navigation
• Fullscreen one result by default for a more focused view

• Grid: Ensured correct spacing and padding in the result page for a cleaner look.
Loading: Text stores step so it doesn't restart for a smoother user experience.
• Search: Retained search query in the bar for user convenience.

Updated at 10:01PM May 17th, 2023 EST

May 16th, 2023 – TryRogo.com is live!

And... tryrogo.com is live! Anyone can now try out Rogo's data search interface on top of a proprietary dataset of opensource repo information from GitHub.

• Text-to-SQL, text-to-Intermediate-Representation, template search, embedding search and report generation all available on top of GitHub data.
• Full search results
• Bar charts, line charts, and tables available as viz types

Updated at 11:23PM May 16th, 2023 EST


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